What are pen blanks?

Pen blanks are small boards that are ideal for carving or turning small items, such as pens. The piece can be mounted to a lathe and turned into the cartridge for a pen.

What are flitch boards?

Flitch refers to boards that were cut from the same log and have a live edge (the rough edge with the bark). Also, the log was cut in the same orientation without being turned. Therefore, when all of the boards are stacked together, they recreate the shape of the log.

What does “4/4” or “5/4” mean in the description of the lumber?

That is the measurement of the the thickness of the board. The measurement is given in terms of quarter inches. Therefore, 4/4 is called “four quarters” and is 1 inch think. A board that is 5/4 is “five quarters” and is 1-1/4 inches thick, and so on.

What is circle sawn lumber?

Most lumber is sawn using large band saws. However, traditional saw mills years ago sawed the lumber with a circular blade, which left a distinguishing pattern in the wood that is highly desirable for vintage or rustic flooring, furniture and cabinets. Some lumber manufacturers simulate the look of this technique, but our limited selection of circle-sawn black walnut is authentic.

What is Burl?

Wood burls grow as deformities on trees. Although their natural appearance is not particularly attractive, they have a beautiful texture in the grain that produces stunning results.